What’s in a name?…Salter Point

Salter Point was named after Samuel August Salter, sawyer and timber contractor, who had a landing stage on the point known as “Salter’s Landing”, later known as “Salter’s Point” (see red circle on map below for location).

Logs were floated down the Canning River from Kelmscott and Jarrahdale to Salter’s landing for transportation to a mill by barge. This operation was around 1879-1891, being the first known European activity in the area prior to the establishment of Clontarf Boys’ Home in 1901. The Salter Point area at this time was virgin bushland and there was no access to the area by road, it could only be accessed from the river.

The area of Manning, Mount Henry, Salter Point and Waterford was annexed to the South Perth Road Board from the Canning Road Board in 1955.

(This information was taken from the publication Origin and Meaning of Street Places and Names in the City of South Perth and is a supplement to the City of South Perth Municipal Heritage Inventory; map courtesy of Google Maps).

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