Pine trees, pine trees…everywhere…

If you’ve ever studied at Curtin Uni or played a round at Collier Golf Course, you may have thought ‘jeez there are a lot of pine trees around this place’…

These trees are a reminder of the Collier Pine Plantation, initially planted around 1925 by the WA Forests Department. The expectation was that the trees would be cut down in the 1960s and that the land would then be used for public purposes.

The original area of the plantation was around 900 acres. Below is a rough outline of the boundary of the plantation.

To relieve the housing shortages post World War II, homes were built close to the northern and eastern boundaries of the plantation. In 1957, the first institution was built within the plantation, Ngala, a mothercraft centre initially for unwed mothers.

By 1962 the plantation had reduced to 600 acres and a number of other institutions grew in the area in the years to follow, such as Bentley High School, Curtin University, Penrhos College.

In the late 1980s, Collier Golf Course was developed on a large area of land bordered by Thelma, Kent and Hayman Streets.

(Image courtesy of Google Maps. Information taken from the City of South Perth Municipal Heritage Inventory).

2 thoughts on “Pine trees, pine trees…everywhere…

  1. My father Les O’Grady managed Colier Pine Plantation frrom 1938 until his death in 1970. I grew up with the pine forest as my backyard and and I saw the changes which occurred as the area changed fron virgn bush to what it is today. 1n 1938 even though we were only 6km from Perth we had no power, nowater, no roads apart from a sand track which came out in Birdwood Ave and it was only in the early fifties that som of the conveniences of modern living came to us.

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