Thank you for telling us ’bout your generation!

South Perth Libraries are thrilled to announce that we received a whopping 175 entires for the 2012 City of South Perth Local History Awards.

Curtin Primary School, Kensington Primary School, Como Secondary College and Aquinas College students shared some fantastic memories and interpretations of what South Perth’s Local History means to them. And there were some absolute gems in the adult category!

Thank you for sharing your stories and memories with Local History at South Perth Libraries. You have helped us develop our records of a South Perth that once was and a South Perth that is emerging as we speak. 

But it doesn’t have to end here, there are loads of things you can do to keep recording history…Perhaps you could:

  • Share stories – with your immediate and extended family members or even neighbours about growing up, where people have lived, significant events in your lives;
  • Record stories – start a diary of your own or jot down notes about someone elses history (with their permission, of course!); record footage of activities you take part in or special events; record the voice of yourself or someone else speaking about the past and their experiences; start a blog or a YouTube channel…..
  • Take photographs – photographs can encapsulate so much. The majority of us all carry some form of camera, so get snapping!

Judging will commence shortly, with the winners being notified by late May 2012. Watch this space!