New items in Local History collection!

If you missed the memo – you can borrow items that are in the general Local History Collection (located at South Perth Library). You can loan three items at one time, for a seven-day period. You aren’t able to renew these items however simply bring them back into South Perth or Manning Library so we can check on their health and we will happily re-issue them to you (given that there are no reserves on them of course!).

Here are some new items that you may like to borrow or pop in to have a squiz at:

Savagery on the Swan River Settlement : the aboriginal murder cycle and the 1839 killing of Sarah Cook by Peter J. Bridge.

Talking ’bout my generation : 2012 City of South Perth Local History Awards : the award winners collection.

Bibliography of books, articles and pamphlets dealing with Western Australia, issued since its discovery in 1616 by Francis G. Steere.

Black water prawning : drag netting in the Swan River by Will Smithwick, Kevin Reid, Rana Ensor.

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