New Heritage Policy – Policy P313 ‘Local Heritage Listing’

The City of South Perth adopted its first heritage policy at the April Council meeting – Policy P313 ‘Local Heritage Listing’.

The policy contains detailed descriptions of the Local Heritage Inventory (known in the past as the Municipal Heritage Inventory) and the Heritage List. It explains the difference between the two and it contains descriptions of the processes for listing, reclassifying and deleting places from the Inventory list.

According to the Policy, the Local Heritage Inventory “is a resource document prepared to identify and celebrate buildings and places within the City of South Perth which are worthy of recognition for their heritage significance”.

So if you are interested in all things heritage…

Click here to view the new policy online: Policy P313 ‘Local Heritage Listing’ 
or visit the South Perth or Manning Libraries to view a printed copy.

Application forms for nominating, reclassifying or deleting a place from the Local Heritage Inventory can be found at the end of the policy (pages 15 to 18).

The current Municipal Heritage Inventory list (last updated in 2006) can be viewed here:

or alternatively by visiting the South Perth or Manning Libraries to view a printed copy. 

Volunteer @ The Old Mill

Old Mill, 2011

The Old Mill in South Perth is the oldest surviving physical link with the pioneering days of the Colony of Western Australia.

Thousands of visitors flock each year to visit this iconic landmark, located on the South Perth Peninsula at the start of Mill Point Road.

The Mill is open 10am – 4pm from Tuesday to Friday, and 1pm – 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

It is staffed by dedicated volunteers on Saturdays and Sundays. The time commitment required of volunteers is 3 hours on either a Saturday or a Sunday once a month.

Volunteers are vital in helping to keep the Old Mill open to the public.

If you would like to get involved in keeping this important icon alive please contact
Farah at the South Perth Library on 9474 0800 or get in touch by email at

We would love to hear from you!