Group Photo – seeking information

We came across this photograph in South Perth’s local history collection and have no additional information for it.

We can’t help but wonder… Who is this group? Where are they exactly? When was the photograph taken?

If you have any ideas, leave a comment below or email us!

Acc. 2004-4

Click on the image to see a higher quality version.

Lost Perth

Have you seen Perth’s latest craze on Facebook? Lost Perth is a page that attempts to uncover all the “lost” and “forgotten” photographs and memories of Perth.

The page was started by Warren Duffy less than 4 weeks ago and already has a whopping 54+ thousand “likes”.

An old scene from South Perth is currently featured on the page’s cover photo…
(Can you guess where that is? click on the image below for the answer)


And there have been other interesting photographs of South Perth’s history posted every few days.

Here are links to a few of them…

The Lost Perth page isn’t just interesting to us South Perthians however. This page will dredge up long forgotten memories from all over Perth. Read through the hundreds of comments and join the discussion and reminisce over the days gone by.

Seen or heard something interesting? Share it with us!