Local History Awards 2014 Winners Announced

Last night, 18 excited winners and their families joined us at the City of South Perth Council Chambers for the Presentation Ceremony for the City of South Perth’s 2014 Local History Awards, Talking ’bout my Generation.

Mayor Sue Doherty presented each of our winners with their certificates and prizes while families, friends, school representatives, Councillors and our panel of judges watched and applauded.

Talking 'bout my Generation 2014 Award Winners with Mayor Sue Doherty

Talking ’bout my Generation 2014 Award Winners with Mayor Sue Doherty

Awards went to:

Year One
Highly Commended: Poppy Savage (Penrhos College)

Lower Primary
First Prize: Jade Warner (Kensington Primary School)
Second Prize: Freya Wilson (Como Primary School)
Highly Commended: Pritika Sharma (Como Primary School)

Middle Primary
First Prize: Abbey Winship (St Columba’s Catholic Primary School)
Second Prize: Lauren Winship (St Columba’s Catholic Primary School)
Highly Commended: Abby Arnold (Collier Primary School)
Highly Commended: Tiara Thornton (South Perth Primary School)

Upper Primary
First Prize: Zachary Valverde (Como Primary School)
Second Prize: Leanna Walters (Como Primary School)
Highly Commended: Blake Mathieson (Como Primary School)

Lower Secondary
First Prize: Antonio Ruffo (Wesley College)
Second Prize: Robert Pitcher (Wesley College)
Highly Commended: Campbell Ruthven (Wesley College)
Highly Commended: Jordan Crane (Wesley College)

First Prize Elaine Schofield
First Prize: Valerie Everett
Second Prize: Eileen Horvath
Highly Commended: Rosemary Ash

View a copy of the 2014 Award Winners Collection online:

2014 Award Winners CollectionCopies of the Award Winners Collections for 2012 and 2014 are also available for loan at the South Perth and Manning Libraries.

A big thank you to all our entrants for sharing their memories and stories of the City of South Perth and for engaging with South Perth’s local history. We look forward to running a joint local history award with the Town of Victoria Park in 2016!

For more details about the City of South Perth Local History Awards, please visit the South Perth Library Website – Local History Awards.