IntraMaps Guide

How to Access IntraMaps

IntraMaps is the City of South Perth’s online mapping system, and it now includes historic aerial maps of the City of South Perth acquired from Landgate and the City’s Local History Collection.

  1. Visit the City of South Perth website –
  2. Click on “View Online Maps” in the menu on the right hand side.
  3. When the next page loads, read the alert that appears and click on the “Continue to IntraMaps” button at the top right.

How to find the Aerial Maps

  1. On the top left hand side, under MODULES, click on “Aerial Photo“.
  2. A new aerial map view will load.
  3. In the LAYERS menu below Modules, scroll down to see the different Aerial views available by year.
  4. Click on a year and wait for the map to load.

How to browse the map

  1. Look at the top left hand side to see the “Navigation” menu bar.
  2. Use the magnifying glass with the + and signs to zoom in and out of the map..
  3. Use the cross-shaped icon (second from the left), to move around the map once zoomed in.
  4. In the LAYERS menu, find “Property Boundaries” in the list and click on it to uncheck it. This way you can view the map without the property boundaries being visible.

 View the IntraMaps Instructions Handout for full instructions and screenshots.

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