Peninsular City: A Social History of the City of South Perth by Cecil Florey

A comprehensive history of the municipality, Peninsular City: A Social History of the City of South Perth, by Cecil C. Florey (published in 1995) is available for purchase at the South Perth and Manning Libraries.

Price (New)
– Paperback:
– Hard cover: $77

Peninsular City by Cecil C. Florey

For loan at South Perth & Manning Libraries

The Local History Collection now has books available for loan. They are located in the “Local History” section at the South Perth Library but can be reserved for pick-up at the Manning Library as well.

Rules for borrowing local history books

  • up to 3 books
  • 7 day loan
  • no phone or online renewals

Search for local history books on the library’s online catalogue.

In addition to many other books, there are copies of the following books available for loan at South Perth or Manning Library which cover various aspects of South Perth’s history which may be of interest:

  • Peninsular City: A Social History of the City of South Perth, Cecil Florey – [994.11 FLO]
  • Looking Back At…Old South Perth, ed. Kerry Davey and Sue Emmett – [994.11 LOO]
  • Across Perth WaterReminiscences of South Perth, Janice Gothard – [994.11 ACR]
  • South Perth – The Vanishing Village, ed. Phillip Pendal and Kerry Davey – [994.11 SOU]
  • The Camps at Canning Bridge, S.G. Burns – [B/BUR]
  • Canning Bridge to Clontarf by Cecil Florey – [994.11 FLO]

In the Archive

The Local History Collection also contains many publications that are old, rare and fragile in nature. These are stored in the Archive room at the South Perth Library and are only accessible to the public according to the Local History Collection Policy.

These items are also searchable through the library’s online catalogue.

If an item’s “Location” or “Collection” is set to “Archive” or “Compactus” please contact the Local History Librarian if you would like to view this item.

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