What? No freeway?!

South Perth’s landscape dramatically changed with the development of the Narrows Bridge and the Kwinana Freeway. Houses were demolished, land was reclaimed and the composition of the foreshore adjacent to Melville Water was forever changed. And people could access South Perth easier than ever before.

Charles Harry Park and family lived at 29 Suburban Road (located between Stirling Street, South Perth and The Narrows), with the front of the property beginning on Suburban Road (now Mill Point Road) and the rear extending to the Swan River. Park was a photographer by trade and ran a ‘24 hour service’ for processing private film from the residence.

Taken c. 1930, this photograph reminded me that there can be many layers to a place and really highlights how South Perth’s built and natural environment has developed and has had to adapt to change.

If you have any photographs that depict a South Perth of the past, we would love to hear from you.