MayDay! MayDay!

Have you ever thought what you would do if a water pipe burst in your house and managed to get to your treasured photograph collection?

Did you know that there are simple steps that you can take to be prepared for any kind of disaster? It can be as simple as identifying all the items in your personal collection and prioritising them in terms of their importance and value….or where and how you store these items in your own home (and there are cheap options out there!).

May is the month dedicated to disaster preparedness in heritage collections…this also includes your family heirlooms and treasures you are keeping for future generations!

The Local History Collection will be working towards developing a disaster preparedness plan in light of moving into our new home at the South Perth Library.

For more information on the MayDay campaign, check out this flyer and for information on how to salvage items post-disaster go to p. 97 of Be Prepared: Guidelines for small museums for writing a disaster preparedness plan