Windsor Park

Did you know that Windsor Park (near Mends Street and Mill Point Road) was and still is actively used for sporting purposes  – having being the home of the South Perth Tennis Club, South Perth Rugby Club and still the South Perth Bowling Club?

The South Perth Tennis Club began in 1898 and originally met for matches at the Perth Zoological they did not have their own clubhouse or tennis courts. However by 1903 the club had a new clubhouse and ten grass courts at Windsor Park.The Windsor Park land was leased from the Zoo so it was always inevitable that the club would have to relocate at some point in time. In 1987 the City of South Perth Council wanted to relocate the club so that the Zoo could erect an Education Centre where some of the courts were. By 1988, Council announced that the new home for the tennis club would be Murray Road in Como, where they are still located today 

Rugby was also played on the site. This article is from The West Australian on 29 September 1949 and shows that the South Perth Rugby League team played at Windsor Park.

The South Perth Bowling Club continues to operate on the same site since its inception in 1916. This lawn bowls club was a council-supported initiative. Initially the Council granted the bowling club the land for three years, for the purpose of laying down a green for bowls and croquet. 2016 will mark the 100 year anniversary of the club.